Interesting background...

The War Puppet, George " Bush, which I don't know how many millions in deaths and damages he caused going on his account. Plus the 9/11 deception fooling an entire world, in order to make war against Muslim countries - which he did, and Obama continued (being the president with the most wars ongoing).

The corruption already was a fact when Obama received the Nobel Peace Price, before he even was installed as an American President. The Nordic countries must have been delighted to take part in the corruption - otherwise the Nobel Prize wouldn't gone to Obama before he did anything officially. I mean, what a dumbass kind of gesture before any great achievement in Peace has been performed. Then the guy destroys million of lives, with the maximum amount of wars during his 8 years of installment as a President.



A War criminal with the smile of a thief, and a person with a very different agenda. But so have many of the presidents of America been puppets. The last great President was John F Kennedy. And then it all ended, and America became the power of destruction. It isn't the master. It is the meat, the capability America and it's taxpayers served as. A tool. And now, the Shadow Elite Globalists destroy the people, it's "own" people so to speak.

Psychopaths play by different rules - and it ain't the rules of human thinking and common sense - nor is there any cure for Psychopaths !


Catching "The First Lady" Series...

Let's wash dirty laundry, and while we are at it, let's also brainwash the public, shall we. Let's make Obama's even more great. There ain't business like Hollywood (Pentagon) business.

It's kind of catching that they now send the TV-Series "The First Lady" (2022). "So touching", revolving with "Obama's", being one of the three families.

The cast with Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Gillian Anderson - however are marvelous. If it wouldn't be for the white washing of Obama's terrible wars around the world, he as Commander in Chief was responsible. There is absolutely nothing heroic nor anything to be proud about - as million of people had to die, millions got their lives damages, their lands destroyed, their livelihood erased. When America brings Peace and Democracy to countries - it means utter destruction, deep corruption and millions of deaths, as well plundered resources.


A parade of murderer and War Criminals

By Clinton's, George W. Bush, by Obama, Bush the older, going all the way back to John F. Kennedy, while leading the CIA, plotting, corrupting and murdering.

Such are the Bushes. And the Clintons. And the Obama's. Front figures while at the same time, front puppets, too. Behind are even darker powers and interests plotting for centuries. And Nazi's are a part of that... They never ended with WW2. Instead they got imported to the US with project "Paperclip". Becoming and accelerating what later was to be known as Industrial-Military-Complex. (Add Big Pharma to the whole today)

And then we got the infamous elite families, from Rothschild to the Rockefellers and many others often not spoken about; the spiders, the background masters. Those with infinite riches, not even spelled out, counted or listed. And their affiliates including whole countries being their tools such as Israel being a top favorite and it's entire complex globally spanning with destruction and deception. Through deception we shall make war, is an old Mossad thing... It's still working even today, on the biggest scale ever.



Those who run the show in Israel, are now poisoning and murdering their own people today in large numbers. Their own people. By their own governments.

It's really ironic at so many levels. And it's always the people, who get hit (ultimately in the end), no matter in which country. And that is the reasons why it is even more important for people to understand, the how, the why, and the where - all what really runs the show behind the circus we see though criminal media, governments, Non-governmental organizations (NGO's), authorities, secret services such as CIA, Mossad, MI6, etc.

All those three letter entities are tools with different agendas than what they claim to be, or claim to do.


It is exhausting

And I fully understand that the whole scoop is too large, too mind boggling, to abstract. It takes years to gradually awaken from an endless series of chocks, which rocks the boat of illusion in which most of us humans live in, have been raised into though schools with a lot of twisted and false (and/or vastly altered) stories about our past as well present time.

And a Media apparatus in almost ever country, which today are entirely owned and corrupted by the Powers to Be - only following orders of those who purpertrate war and murder and theft, by any means, including calling lethal experimental genetic injections "vaccines that protect". Not even Pfizer promises that - but nobody is checking their sites anyway. Only what evening news tell you to think - you think.

And then we forget it, as if nothing ever happened.


My house doctor just died

in the young age of 49 at Dalen Hospital in Stockholm. After "a hasty illness", left behind his wife, kids, and parents. When you booster, it ain't a booster you get. It's is the further degradation of your entire immune system which runs amok.

Such are the nature of artificial genetic injections. The more the merrier, which means, the more damaged your body gets, the more prone you are to disease of any kind. Including many very rare diseases which pop up like mushrooms in people.

But all we do - is to wait for confirmation through our criminal led media. Which will never come. So, it doesn't exist even if people around us die or fall ill, suddenly - we don't connect the dots.

And that is how you get away with genocide, right in front of our noses - as if nothing ever happened. On top we defend the murderers calling them heroes. Whether they have a while coat on, or are at a podium lying like Politicians do, or though new stringent laws, taking away freedoms and livelihood.

Most people do not even understand, that insurance companies DO NOT cover any damages from the "vaccines", because - legally, they are still in a trial phase, e.g. experimental injections. And so, the insurance companies go free too. As do all the Big Pharma companies who make the injections. And the state almost never gives you money for damages from Covid-19 injections, either.

So, there you go.



The Pranksers on George W. Bush

"Vovan and Lexus, Russian pranksters known for trolling Western politicians, celebrities, and other public figures, revealed Tuesday that they had tricked George W. Bush into speaking with them. The former president played an instrumental role in the second wave of NATO's eastward expansion, and the first Euromaidan crisis in Ukraine in 2004.

The United States didn't keep its word to Moscow on NATO's eastward expansion due to shifting circumstances, and the Bush administration always wanted to see Ukraine join the Western alliance, George W. Bush has revealed in a candid interview with Vovan and Lexus.

"I wanted [Russia] on the fringe of NATO, I wanted Ukraine into NATO", Bush, who served as US president between 2001 and 2009, told the pranksters, who posed as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in a portion of the interview that aired Thursday at a Russian educational forum.

"I thought for a while that Russia would be more cooperative. And then [Vladimir] Putin changed dramatically", Bush said.

"I felt that Ukraine needed to be in the EU and in NATO", he added.

Asked to address Russia's oft-repeated argument that James Baker, US secretary of state under George H.W. Bush, had promised Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev not to expand the bloc eastward in 1990, Bush Jr. suggested that such promises were irrelevant because they were made a long time ago.

"Listen, times change. Baker was the secretary of state with my dad, which was years ago, and so, uh, the United States must be flexible, adjusting to the times. And that's why you're trying to show our support for your country now", he said.

Asked whether he agreed with the sentiment that the conflict in Ukraine was really a confrontation between the West and Russia, Bush answered curtly "Yeah."

As for the argument that the US recognition of Kosovo in the 2000s on the grounds of its right to "self-determination" from Serbia paved the way for Russia's recognition of the Donbass republics, Bush appeared briefly stumped, before assuring that "if you prevail, or when you prevail, a lot of these various issues are gonna be off the table".

"Your mission is to destroy as many Russian troops as you can, and the question is, will you continue receiving the help you need. And I certainly hope so", Bush said. He added that it was "very important" for the US to "continue to lead" in assisting Ukraine in achieving its goals.

George W. Bush presided over the second wave of NATO's post-Cold War expansion, welcoming Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia into the bloc in 2004. Between 1999 and 2020, 14 nations of the defunct Warsaw Pact, the former Yugoslavia, or the ex-USSR itself were absorbed by NATO. At its Bucharest summit in 2008, the alliance recognised Ukraine and Georgia's "aspirations" toward eventual NATO membership.

Vladimir "Vovan" Kuznetsov and Alexei "Lexus" Stolyarov are a Russian comedy duo that has spent more than a decade trolling politicians, celebrities, royals, and other public figures around the world.

Their YouTube channel was taken down in March after they released videos of intimate conversations with British Defence chief Ben Wallace and Home Secretary Priti Patel, revealing the true extent of covert UK military support for Ukraine, and the possibility of seizing Russian tycoons' properties in London and handing them over to members of Ukraine's political elite"

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